The Galleries are divided into sections showcasing the main categories of work created

by PEREZ MELERO. The three-dimensional constructions are usually shown with multiple views – one view from the front followed by a combined view from the sides.

GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONS: Three-dimensional work based on geometric forms.

AMERICAN FLAG SERIES: A constant image of the American flag juxtaposed with changing scenes

illustrating historic events and famous places in America.

HOMAGE TO THE IMPRESSIONISTS: Paying tribute to some of the master painters who came before...

a reinterpretation of Impressionist paintings.

CITIES OF THE WORLD: Iconic images from some of the great cities of the world.

RELIGIOUS ICON SERIES: Symbols and mythologies gathered from Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

CAST BRONZE SCULPTURE: Work derived from PEREZ MELERO's unique paper folding technique.

SILKSCREEN PRINTS: A limited edition collection of two-dimensional work.

COMMISSIONS & PROPOSALS: Completed commissions and ideas for future projects.